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Chuck Daniels - Night Moves (2008)

Написал hsrb2
21 мая 2015
Chuck Daniels - Night Moves (2008)
Artist: Chuck Daniels
Title Of Album: Night Moves
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: X-Mix/Oomph/Magnetic
Genre: Dance,Electronic,House,Pop, Soul
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Tracks: 15
Total Time: 01:12:28
Total Size: 183 MB

01. Vibe Travelers - Good Foot- Vibe Travelers (06:30)
02. Chuck Daniels - Latin Trip- Chuck Daniels (06:29)
03. Late Night Society - Balance Within- Late Night Society (03:00)
04. Tracy Cooper - Everything's Insane- Tracy Cooper (03:52)
05. No Assembly Firm - Step Ur Game Up- No Assembly Firm (04:59)
06. John Larner - Funky Hand- John Larner (05:29)
07. DJ Sneak - Thought It Was Me- DJ Sneak (03:03)
08. Keep It Going - Pushin Boundries- Keet It Going (04:25)
09. Tracy Cooper - O Lord- Tracy Cooper (04:29)
10. 1200 Warriors - Exult- 1200 Warriors (04:59)
11. Jason Hodges - Ear Level- Jason Hodges (03:59)
12. Jason Hodges - Summer Breeze- Jason Hodges (05:17)
13. Busy n Spoon - Blase' Blase'- Busy N Spoon (05:21)
14. Truman Industries - Truman Industries- Love Plus (03:59)
15. Chuch Daniels - Funky Flarnum- Chuck Daniels (06:29)

A lackadaisical effort from the one they call Baby Sneak. I presume they call him that because of the physical similarities between the two, because musically speaking, he's far from being Sneak. The vibe on this album is weak and lacks a well-definied personality. Nothing really stands out on the CD, but for whatever strange reason, it's not a bad CD to listen to. In several instances, I would have it playing either in the house or in the car, and midway thru the tracks i find myself liking what i hear. But that's only short lived - as soon as I would start to get into it, I would be quickly disappointed. Give it a shot if you have $ to spend. If not, save it for something better.

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